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Manual fillers
Manual fillers
Manual fillers
For small productions, the spout and loops are hold manually. Suitable for 10-15 BB/hour outputs.
Supplied with devices for loading and unloading with forklift.
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 Manual fillers - Elocom
Semi-Automatic BB
Semi-Automatic BB
Semi-Automatic Big Bag fillers
Available in gross and net weight with pneumatic arms to hold the loops when gross weight, not necessary for net weight.
For different Big Bag sizes, half Big Bags or Big Bags stored in height, a motorized elevator can be installed instead of a lift table.
Output: up to 80 BB/hour for granule products.
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 Semi-Automatic Big Bag fillers - Elocom
BB Automatic
BB Automatic
Fully Automatic Big Bag fillers
A robot takes the Big Bags from reel. This system only works with Big Bags with filling spout.
The process does not require the loops (1 or 4) and the Big Bag is hold from the bottom during the filling stage.
The feeding system can be either:
- Net weigher for granules.
- Loss weight for micronized and “hyperventilated” products.
One reel can feed up to three spouts reaching outputs of:
80 BB/hour for 1 spout.
180 BB/hour for 3 spouts.
AT the same stage the Big Bag can be sealed or striped.

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 Fully Automatic Big Bag fillers - Elocom

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