Ensacadoras de lámina – ¡Nuevo Catálogo!


Como máquina insignia de las líneas ELOCOM, las ensacadoras de lámina sufren constantes avances técnicos. Los avances técnicos tan constantes hacen que sea imposible tener una documentación totalmente actualizada a presentar a nuestros clientes.

ensacadoras de lámina, nuevo catálogo portada

Por otra parte, los nuevos sectores abordados con las ensacadoras de lámina como son los productos micronizados en polvo y las balas prensadas de productos ligeros, se quedaban sin cobertura en los catálogos impresos.

En este nuevo catálogo de las CV, se presenta el nuevo color que van a tener las máquinas de ELOCOM (todas las máquinas incluidas las ensacadoras de boca abierta, paletizadores, envolvedoras, etc…), las diferentes posibilidades de accionamiento, nuevos módulos de gofrado, microperforado, y un completo cuadro con detalles técnicos.

Cabe destacar que se señalan las producciones que actualmente estamos obteniendo como son los 1.700 sacops/hora con sacos de 25 Kg.


It is also remarkable  the importance of this catalog for Elocom, as it is is currently the No. 1 company supplier of  FFS baggers (FFS baggers. ( more than 80 per year in large format ELOCOM + BeC group)

Despite the number of companies that are set to make «copies» of the ELOCOM bagger recently, and  arising from the great errors made by them and the discredit that follows from production problems posed by the copied machines, both Spanish and  Italian, ELOCOM  stands out as the great reference in the market.

It is known that the robust and easy to use ELOCOM baggers are far superior to the competitors in:

  • Increased production in the 25 kg. Size, granular or sand. Up to 1,700 bags / hour.
  • Increased production in bags of substrates (soil, peat) of 50 liters.28 bags / minute.
  • Increased production with sacks of powdered products, such as mortars 25 kg up to 1,200 bags per hour.


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Kimia Fair of Chemical Industry in Moscow.

Kimia Fair of Chemical Industry in Moscow.

From September 28 to October 2, ELOCOM was participated in Kimia fair in which we could invite a long list of customers of the chemicals and mining sectors.

Kimia Fair Elocom stand

Russia is a country of 140 million habitants and eminently producer, the interest in optimizing their production systems (outdated in some cases) is very high. We must be added to the market of Ukraine with 50M habitants and closely linked to Russian.

The current representative of ELOCOM, TEKCA have office both in Moscow and Ukraine, with 50 employees of a large proportion with university technical studies and technical installation personnel and assistance.

This is exciting common project that started in 2008, seems it can give very good results.

The main inconvenient is the language, because it is very difficult to find directors of Russian companies who speak another language than Russian.

There was chance to do some sightseeing. In the photo, Iñaki Elosegi, Marketing Director and Inaki Zaplain, commercial for the Russian market, in front of the Red Square and the St. Basil’s Cathedral.


Kimia Fair Elocom, Moscow

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