Expobioenergía 2010 – 1st Prize for Technological Innovation.

Expobioenergía 2010.
Expobioenergia 2010

The Expobioenergía 2010 Fair has awarded the 1st Prize for Technological Innovation ELOCOM for its versatile pressed bales and sacks of pellets wood. The award was given at the awards ceremony of 27.10.2010 by the President of chip packager the association AVEBIOM the Director of Marketing Mr. Iñaki Elosegi.Este ELOCOM award recognizes the efforts of both the company R & D as whole human group forming ELOCOM.

Expobioenergía 2014 is aimed at owners and companies of
forestry and agriculture, timber industry and agriculture, fuel
distributors, energy suppliers, cement industry and ceramics,
boiler installers, architects, developers and real estate,
training, consulting and local, regional and national
In 2014 Expobionergía we may find representation of the
following sectors:

-Use of Forestry and Agricultural Biomass.
-Use of Forestry and Agricultural Biomass
-Energy crops
-Domestic heat
-Electric power generation.
-Bioenergy services, etc.

Recinto Feria de Valladolid. Av. Ramon Pradera s / n, 47009,

International level
Sectors: Use of forest biomass and agricultural energy
crops,Heat Generation domestic electricity and thermal solid
bioenergy , Biofuels Biogas Biofuels Services, etc.
Expobioenergía has already established itself as a must and
offers exhibitors and visitors:
• A high degree of specialization
• A practical nature
• A ‘fair machines running’ away from conventional ‘catalog
•Business opportunities
• Opening an international market
• Personal treatment.
Finally it is pointed out that this fair will be held within the
next 21 to 23 October 2014 at the premises of the fairgrounds
of the Feria de Valladolid.




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