Open mouth bagging machine 1200 BAGS/HOUR – AZUCARERA EBRO


The reference company in the food sector, Azucarera Ebro, has confirmed an order for an open mouth bagging machine model EP-1500 to Elocom. The bagging machine, with a performance potential of 1,500 bags per hour has been guaranteed to work at a rate of 1,200 bags/hour in 5 and 25 kg bag formats.


The Peculiarity of this production is the one with the bag of 5 kg which has an exclusive design designed by Azucarera Ebro with a very innovative stitch less closure. The bag of 25 kg can also be produced in the same machine but with a new specific closure station with sewing thread. The machine has a multiple dosing system in relation to the production line to be performed and at the same time the best reliability it is assured in customer requirements.

Considering that the mechanical drives are from the outside of the bagging machine area, unlike other Spanish and European manufacturers, this fact has convinced this very exigent customer who has had many other experiences but not as efficient.

The bagging machines controls by means of a touch screen based on an industrial PC with Windows XP, provides accessibility as well as communication intervention for the customer.

The automatic open-end bagger EP-1500 V is the variant of
the EP-1500 bagger. This technology based on or use
brushless servomotors for maximum optimization of the
mechanical accelerations ensuring the automation sequence
synchronism. The open-end sackbaggers that most
manufacturers currently use, are based on operation by
pneumatic pistons, which even though allow a first regulation
at high speeds in a short time deregulate and force a drastic
reduction in yields thereof.

Pneumatic cylinders, over time, lose their constancy in the
drive speed due to deterioration of internal joints and the
evolution of the quality of compressed air (moisture and

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