Packaging FFS.

Packaging FFS .

He has been given the first packaging FFS ATEX for the Spanish market.

Packaging FFS


The company APC Europe, producer of animal protein, just installed a packaging sheet ELOCOM with ATEX protection.

The packaging machine able to produce an airtight bag that protects the product from external agents, has been implemented necessary to be certified ATEX according to customer demand protections.

APC EUROPE is a leading company in Europe in the processing
of animal blood. With a long history in the market and the
operation under different names in its history, its present
facility is located in Granollers.

The animal blood, once collected is processed and dried. Its
high content of protein makes it highly suitable for use as a
food additive. In this section, there are numerous applications
for this product.

The installation allowed the customer to bag in a very tough,
tight sack, that successfully replaced the valve bag. The big
advantage is to allow having a clean packaging room, which is
not possible with the use of valve baggers.

The automatic bagging machine itself has a system to ensure
that the bags can’t slide when they are positioned on the
pallet. This is an automatic «embossed» incorporated into the
flat coil packer, able to generate a roughness in the plastic;
once the sack completed, the roughening makes the sack
grab the top and bottom preventing slippage.

The savings in this type of installation are important with
respect to other bagging machines installed by competitors:

  • Saveings in excess of 50% of the cost of the bag with respect
    to a valve bag.
  • 40-50% savings on the amount of plastic for protection of
    the palletized load.

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