Open mouth bagger EP-600 – GESCOAGRO,S.L.

Open mouth bagger EP-600.

The company GESCOAGRO of Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) will soon install the latest Open mouth bagger EP-600 ELOCOM.

Open mouth bagger EP-600

The bagger is intended to be packaged milk formula for animals in open-mouth sack 25 kg.

The high level of hygiene in the design of the bagger is one of the reasons why the client has tried to be the best option among the possibilities in the market. Also, the technical service conocidísimo ELOCOM ASSEMBLIES, S.L.. It is one of the factors that gives confidence to the customer.


During the last visit to the customer, it has become evident,
how after 3 years with proper maintenance, the installation
works with full efficiency and with allure of a brand new
installation. The very good relationship between ELOCOM
and the client allows this facility to be used as showcase
where to bring new clients. This facility, currently packing
baby milk, could package many other products such as serum,
etc …

Currently ELOCOM, SL is the company with the greater
specialization in packaging of milk powder and serum, for
having installed the latest three modern facilities for
automatic packing and palletizing in the industry.

Important hygienic designs brought into the machines (GMP
design, hygienic, stainless steel finishing, etc …) are features
required in the industry, in which open-end sack had beeninstalled regardless of the specific features that products,
such as animal fodder, require.

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