The company has been established ELOCOM ITALIA S.R.L.

The company with 66% of shares on behalf of ELOCOM, S.L.. already has a workforce with a broad experience in automatic bagging machines, many of them already collaborated with Elocom for years.

The company has been created for the production of the series of baggers EP for open mouth bags. Previously, ELOCOM subcontracted the assembly of this series baggers RIMETECH company. Thus it is absorbed both technical capacity and personnel in the new structure of ELOCOM. The design of these machines was initiated by ELOCOM in the year 2008 and has been a resounding success translated into a continuous flow of orders from customers.

Currently, the vast backlog allows both series produce high performance baggers EP-1500 and EP-1200 (with its variant EP-1000) as small productions EP-400 and EP-600.

In late March, the production area to a new warehouse of over 2,000 m2 plus related offices will move.


The initial approach is that the main orientation of this plant
of ELOCOM ITALIA SRL is the technical development. The
technical office of Italy is where the largest investment in R +
D + I are channeled within the group.

Engineering development is focused both on mechanical and
electronic. Clear objectives have been set in different stages
to stay in the forefront of innovation in packing lines.
Second, the technical innovations brought from Italy, are to
lead the guidelines that follow the machines manufactured in
our Spanish plants. Thus, the Group ELOCOM, synchronizes
the different technical departments on the same orientation.
To secure the future it is essential to innovate. This is one of
the slogans ELOCOM Group.

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