Mortar Bagging & micronized powder products

Mortar Bagging.

The bagging system mortar and micronized powder products from coil sheet came up with the idea of lowering the cost of the packaging to the maximum, compared to traditionally used (ensacadora valve, open-mouth bagger)

Depending on developments in the market and the needs expressed by customers, the engineering department and innovation Elocom, S.L. He has developed different dosing systems for granular and powder products.

One of the great challenges raised Elocom, S.L. It was micronized packaging products, which by their behavior when the dosage were practically impossible. That is why until now, products such as mortar, cement, lime micronized, additives, chemicals in general, etc … It was unthinkable package them in another type of bag that was not valve.

Thanks to the system designed by Elocom with product densification system, double welding and microperforation device, micronized products have a new packaging format with many advantages.

Mortar bagging

Photo 1. seal bag with double welding.

Among the most valuable advantages is that this type of package is fully sealed protects it from rain and prevents ingress of moisture into the sack. This allows storage weatherability, and in turn prevents product waste in the work area.

Mortar bagging test

Photo 2. Test to check the bag.

In turn, for packing plants it is a great solution as in the packaging area not create dust and debris in the environment, as it is generated in a packaging line valve. By avoiding the issue of product into the environment, the quality and image of the packaging is better and this favors when palletizing, preventing slippage of the bags as a result of dust.

When densify a very compact product is achieved sack, which often exceeds the quality palletizing sacks valve.

Savings in terms of packaging per sack is significant considering that this system can adjust the maximum package size according to the product. And as discussed above well this package is formed in the same packaging machine from a sheet coil, unlike preformed bags as both valve open mouth. The cost of these valve bags is greater because usually carry several layers of paper and in some cases a polyethylene sheet.

The dosing system for micronized has been created so that the packaging model CV have not been modified. Both the structure and the basic operation is still the same, ensuring greater reliability in terms of movements and devices.

This helps and simplifies our sales department unifying and streamlining the answer as to interventions and sending pieces.

Photo 3. Final Palletizing micronized densified product.

Photo 3. Final Palletizing micronized densified product.

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