Biomass Bagging – New and important contracts.

Biomass Bagging.

New and important contracts in the field of BIOMASS for the supply of complete biomass bagging lines in Europe.

Both company Stipas in Lithuania and Logusfolio (one of the largest plants in Europe and the biggest producer of Iberian Peninsula) in Portugal have acquired for its wood pellets manufacturing plant a complete line of bagging. Both facilities are equipped with the new system of low maintenance cost.

biomass bagging

The field of Biomass remains being a reference field for Elocom, in recent times has been supplying new facilities both locally and internationally.

Supplied facilities have different features, in terms of production, palletizing systems and/or wrapping. The wide range of different equipment that includes a bagging line (bagging machines, palletizers and wrapping) allows a suitable solution for the needs of each project

In the case of the facilities of Logusfolio, the line has a surge Hopper, sieving, dosing and weighing, bagging, big bag filler, palletizer and wrapping. Furthermore, it will be supplied the structure for the placement of different equipments.

The supply of the complete line for the facility of Stipas is for a 600 bag/hour production.

It is in Asia where ELOCOM, SL works harder to implement
complete new lines for packing biomass pellets. After the first
2 installations it is expected to launch different projects for
customers that, after having visited plants in Europe, may end
in agreements for the supply of these lines.

Unlike Europe, the customers from both Asian and Latin
American countries have very large capacity plants. The
pellet production facilities in several Latin American and Asian
customers of ELOCOM exceed 500,000 tons per year, which is
ten fold the capacity of the largest Spanish producers.

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