Bagging salt.

Bagging salt.

Consolidation in the sector ELOCOM bagging salt.

Bagging salt is a particularly technical field so specific to your problem:

High level of corrosion. Besides the use of different types of stainless steel (304 and 316 L), materials such as copper or aluminum are avoided.

High hygroscopicity. It generates a large number of electrical breakdowns in addition to problems in the sensors for proper automation.

Physical behavior problems especially in salt with high relative humidity.

For 20 years, ELOCOM has made nearly 50 automatic bagging lines for salt in 4 continents. The requirements in each country (type of bag, type of salt, environment, marketing, etc…) have been very different, which have allowed the company to accumulate knowledge on how to solve problems.


Elocom EP1000 Bagging salt

Currently, they are riding 4 floors salt in the exercise 2,013 in Africa, Asia and America. The machinery is very diverse using both coil FFS baggers as baggers bag mouth open.

Note the installation being assembled right now in the main salt of Madagascar in addition to bags and bundles palletizing, packaging room composed of 3 automatic bagging machines is mounted. The bagging machine is a foil to 1,200 bags / hour and two of raffia bag 600 bags / hour each.

Facilities for bagging and palletizing salt are very similar to those of fertilizers since they share much of the problem that punishes machines.

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Flat reel bagger for wood chips at 1.200bags/hour.


The increasing interest in the Biomass sector has led Elocom to design and manufacture a new high speed flat reel bagger for wood chips.

The main issues encountered with this product were:

Low bulk density. For a 25 kg bag we reached a volume of almost 70l. Fluctuations within the same product depending on the humidity (10-30%), the chips size that affect the bulk density and the product behavior. Dome effect in bags for chips less than 50 mm long.

To overcome those issues some modifications undertaken on the well-known flat reel bagging machine CV-4080 with double belt weigher were carried out.

The installation includes an ?anti-jam? system at the discharge stage.

It is about forcing a progressive download of the chips so that they can easily flow into the filling tube.

Also the high cost of transport for wood chips with a rate of humidity below 10-12% was surmounted through a compactation system that allows a reduction in volume of 25-30%. This way the cost of transportation in bags is about 25% less than in bulk.

Elocom is preparing a doors open day in its facilities at the end of September for those who wish to see in live the advantages of this new machine. Everybody is more than welcome.


flat reel bagger for wood chips

This application is common to industries that while they share
the raw materials, the have a very different treatment when
it comes to packing and palletizing: substrates, peat and
compost and biomass.

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