Fertiliser bagging installation in galicia (spain)

Fertiliser bagging installation.

Mid 2013 Elocom was awarded with a contract for the supply of an fertiliser bagging installation for the Delagro´s new fertilizers plant in A Coruña (Spain).

The project is divided in two sections:

Bagging unit for 10, 25 and 40 kg formats and 800-900 bags/hour capacity.

Big Bag bagging unit (600kg) for 20-30 BB/h capacity.

Both units convey to an only stretching unit before reaching the evacuation and storage area with several exit points along the evacuation roller conveyors.


The system has been conceived optimizing the available room, prioritizing the bagging factors, output parameters, accessibility, synchronization between production lines etc…

The scope of supply includes:

Net weighing Big Bag filling system with Big Bags placement platform, pallets lift, air blower, inflatable spout, exits roller conveyors. VFFS bagging machine with gravity net weigher, embossing system, top handrail with ladder, forming tubes and tube holder for different formats. Layer Palettiser with bags flattener and turner, pre-former, chain conveyor for lines union. Stretch hood unit for Big Bas and Bags pallets. Accumulation rollers with 3 different exit points alongside the roller conveyors.


fertiliser bagging line

complete fertiliser bagging line

This type of automatic packing and palletizing for fertilizer, is
only one of the ways of packaging ELOCOM, SL brings to this
Throughout the world, they are better known the automatic
packing facilities with open-end raffia sacks at high speeds.
In particular the EP-1500 is an automatic packaging machine
that was conceived on purpose for this industry, bearing in
mind the construction, preparation and robustness to
withstand corrosion environments, humidity and dust to
facilitate this challenging work.

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