Bagging & palletising line

The well-reputed company of outdoors furniture already had a bagging machine CV4080 for bagging soil in 20, 50 and 70 lt bags.

Bagging & palletising line - Bagging machine cv-4080

The good relationship with the Polish distributor due to the efficient assistance provided has finally led SOBEX to once again trust the security and reliability of our equipments.

Therefore the bagging line will be completed wit:

Multi-format palletiser for 20, 50, and 70 lt MASTERPAL 1500, Capacity: 28 bags/min in 20 lt, 18 bags/min in 70 lt. Hermetic wrapping machine mod. 215 with rotating arm.

An important and well-reputed company as SOBEX is a major guarantee to secure ELOCOM´s sales in Eastern European countries. For its major and constant development, Poland means a big platform for the following markets. At present, after the Baltic countries, the North-East European countries have turned out as an important market for ELOCOM supported by our associates that  ensure not only the success of the operations but also the essential after sale service always provided in the customer´s language.

The first implementation of ELOCOM, SL has been in the
industry of peat, substrates, compost and organic fertilizers.
It is a sector where the company has a very broad
knowledge. Packing such products of low bulk, fibrous and
with high humidity density, requires extensive technical
knowledge and experience the company has acquired over
the years. In order to reach a new customer in this industry,
ELOCOM has a good knowledge base that enables the client
to receive advice and consultation, providing the comfort and
security required.

On this basis, packing facilities have been complemented with
mixed lines, crushing coconut, etc … for export to different
markets. Today, ELOCOM, SL is recognized as an exceptional
partner in the treatment of soils and substrates in all 5

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