Automatic bagging machine EP1500 – New Siemens brushless control

Automatic Bagging Machine

In close collaboration with SIEMENS, the open mouth automatic bagging machine series has gained noticeable advantages.

automatic bagging machine

Assembly facilities ELOCOM ITALIA SRL with EP1500 bagger series.

In fact, through the application of control servomotors SIEMENS Motion control, the articulated arms of the high performance bagging machine (EP1500) has developed an acceleration/deceleration program increasing considerably the speed, achieving:

2.000 bags/hour max.

1.750 bags/hour with 1 second for bag filling.

At the moment, several EP1500 series assemblies are scheduled therefore new facilities will be set to increase the assembly capacity. Right now up to 6 EP1500 can be mounted simultaneously.

We remind that the EP1500 achieves it maximal performance in 50 kg PP bags included non-laminated PP.

The improvement in the control of movements of servo
motors will also be implemented in other models of «high
end» of the series of EP ELOCOM packers. Both models
automatic open-end baggers EP-600 and EP-1000 servomotors
have in their articulated arms; these are to be be controlled
by the same SIEMENS system although in these the target is
not to increase the packing speed.
In the case of the open end sack packer EP-1000, the machine
has 4 servomotors, being within the range which incorporates
more elements of high quality.
In the case of automatic open end sack packer EP-400, this is
aimed at packing powders because it can ensure minimal
emission of dust, with the bag always closed int the softest

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Wood pellet bagging line (Biomass) installation delivered in Vietnam 1600 Bags / Hour

Wood pellet bagging line.

This wood company ranked among the top 3 wood exotic furniture companies in Vietnam has built a new factory for pellet production. The ambitious project targets an annual production capacity of 250.000 Tn of pellets with 80% dedicated to energy production for the different factories of the group and 20% packed justifying the investment in this brand new high capacity bagging line.

Contrary to Europe where wood pellets are normally packed in PE bags with FFS systems, Asia mainly uses open mouth woven or paper bags. Therefore ELOCOM proposed using the high capacity open mouth EP series baggers for this application. Its almost entirely mechanical processes guaranteed maximal reliability and efficiency.


Wood pellet bagging line.

Two different formats will be used:

–         15 kg paper sewed bags.

–         25 kg woven sewed bags.

The line consists of:

–         02 gravity weighing systems with 3 load cells each.

–         01 Bagging machine EP1500 brushless drivers.

–         01 Masterpal 1800 layer palletizer.

–         Wrapping unit manufactured locally (customer conditions)


Equipments reception took place in ELOCOM facilities last May ´14 and tests carried out with product supplied from ELOCOM´s customers in Europe.

All the contract conditions in terms of capacity were met and accepted by the customer. The limit was set by the EP1500 which in our facilities ELOCOM ITALIA S.R.L achieved a maximum of 1600 bags/hour in 15 kg.

The following video shows the reception of the palletizer in ELOCOM LIME ACTIVIDAD TÉCNICA S.R.L plant at a production rate of 1800 bags/hour.


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