Bagging machine – Expoquimia 2014

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From the 30th September til the 3rd October 2014, ELOCOM S.L will be present at the Expoquimia 2014 Exhibition. With a new Bagging Machine.

Find us at Palacio P2, nivel 0, calle D stand 144.

Bagging machine

The bagging machine exhibited will show the evolution of our FFS equipments in powder products.

Bagging machine CV4025 with double weigher and screws at 1.200 bags/hour in 25 kg pre-mixed cement.

This machine carries a densifying system that ascertains the product compaction within the bag.

Furthermore ELOCOM will highlight its:

Brand new EP bagging machine for specific sector, pharmaceutical, GMP design, ATEX, stainless steel etc…

High capacity EP1500 for Polypropylene bags and granule products at 2.000 bags/hour.

Full automatic Big Bag fillers with automatic robot feeding system.

You could also appreciate the evolution of our different automatic palletizing systems…

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