ELOCOM MOMTAJES, S.L. – Maintenance Contracts

Elocom Montajes S.L.

Important increase of the” Close maintenance agreement” model among the maintenance options available.

Elocom montajes

Elocom Montajes, S.L. is a company belonging to the Elocom Group with independent management in charge of erection, commissioning, after sale service, technical assistance and spares supply of the ELOCOM installations.

At the present, from the 1.200 ELOCOM bagging installations running worldwide, over 7% of our clients have purchased the option that offers highest standards in security and maintenance efficiency.

ELOCOM MONTAJES, S.L. offers different maintenance contracts adapted to the needs of each individual client. The most requested is probably the purchase of 2 annual revisions where our technicians revise the sensible and worn parts, adjust and replace the damaged parts if required.

Today, the companies are searching for the most suitable maintenance plans that can guarantee the continuous production. The lack of maintenance and adjustments becomes the main spot of breakdowns in the production lines with the consequent economic losses due to the forced activity breaks.

The Analysis of the maintenance contract indicators clearly states that:

The biggest the company, the highest is the tendency to program the maintenance actuation. In Fact, according to the classification of ELOCOM clients, 61% of the maintenance contracts are agreed with the considered” Big Companies”.

In terms of geographical location, a steep increase is noticed in “Export” especially in emergent countries in Latin America and some Asian countries.

As expected, some sectors with Special issues and difficult atmospheres in terms of dust and Corrosivity such as fertilizers and salt have a higher percentage of maintenance contracts.

To conclude, it is important to highlight that the biggest advantage of the ELOCOM Montajes, S.L. maintenance contracts is the fact that the machine performs better and INCREASE CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION.

Si analizamos desde diferentes parámetros, la atribución de contratos nos señala:

–        Cuanto mayor es la empresa, mayor es la tendencia a programar mediante contratos de mantenimiento. De hecho, dentro de la distribución de clientes de Elocom, el 61% de los Contratos de Mantenimiento son pactados con empresas consideradas “Empresa Grande”.

–        Por distribución geográfica, cabe destacar el gran aumento en “Exportación” y en concreto en países emergentes de Latinoamérica y algunos de Asia .

–        Como era de esperar, algunos sectores con especial problemática de mal ambiente de polvo o corrosión, entre los que se destacan fertilizantes y sal, tienen el mayor porcentaje de Contratos de Mantenimiento.

Como punto final, queremos señalar que la mayor ventaja de que se acuerden Contratos de Mantenimiento con ElocomMontajes,S.L. es que al trabajar mejor las máquinas, se consigue un incremento en la SATISFACCION de los CLIENTES.

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