Maxibale bagging installation for Projar.

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Maxibale bagging installation

PROJAR, a company with over 30 years experience in the supply of products for the hortofruticulture, landscape and an environmental sector is leader in that market with over 17 million euro/year turnover.

With factories in Brasil, Portugal, Sri Lanka and India they supply to more than 15 countries thanks to his export network. The Projar Group offers advanced environmental services such as green roofs or waste water phytodepuration.

Pursuing its development and modernization program, they have recently renewed their confidence in ELOCOM purchasing state of the art machinery for Maxibales in fully automatic cycle.


maxibale bagging installation

The company already had an automatic line for bagging and palletizing substrate bags mainly focused on the professional market. This installation conceived for working with technical products such as blonde peat and coir fibre is capable of producing up to 2.500 mm pallets high.

The purpose of the new installation is to reduce to a maximum the transportation costs, taking to the limits the hydraulic pressing of the products.

To accommodate the machine we required over 10 m height. The machine press the product while it is “wrapped” with stretch film. Once the wrapping stage is finished, the load is thermo sealed and properly closed at the top and the bottom parts.

El máximo rendimiento de la instalación y en función del producto a envasar (1 o 2 prensadas) es de 15 a 20 Maxibalas/hora y permite envasados de muy diferente altura.

Con esta instalación PROJAR es capaz de hacer frente a la gran demanda de este tipo de envasado que sus clientes de agricultura y jardinería profesional estaban viendo suministrada desde países del norte de Europa. PROJAR por su gran calidad de materiales y mezclas ofrece una garantía de constancia de producto que difícilmente puede ser garantizada cuando el proveedor se encuentra a distancias que no permiten la supervisión directa.

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