Mortar bagging «WATERPROOF» Installation in Canada.

Mortar bagging

Recently a new plant has been installed for mortar bagging in high speed up to 1.100 bags/hour with sheet reel bagging system and double dosing and weighting system.

The bagging system with relief valve from sheet reel allows bagging micronized products, powder or granulated with different features (hygroscopic, corrosive, abrasive,…) and granulometry; isolating them from every external agent. This allows to stock bags outside without risk to deteriorate.

mortar bagging machine

Besides the type of closing, the bagging includes a product densification device, reducing the product volume and the size of packaging.

The bagging system is completed with a flattener for the bag flattening, to compact and regulate the product along the bag in order to get an optimal stability and image of the full pallet. Palletizing quality directly affects the amount of film used during the wrapping. In the unreeling process (optionally) an embossed device could be installed which improves the stability between bags and layers on the pallet, and reduces the use of stretch film

Some of advantage of this bagging system with relief valve relative to other (valve or open mouth) are, packaging cost saving, packaging tightness, less powder in environment, less leak of product, less pneumatic and electrical consumption, less pollution, simplicity in operation and maintenance of the filler, among others…

The dust emissions from the packing station is minimized
because in the process there’s not any open outlet that could
drop dust. This entails a significant savings in aspiration in
comparison with installations valve and open mouth. The
total consumption of the packing line with aspiration can be
reduced for the same production, 18-19 kW in the case of
valve packers, about 7 KW in the case of the FFS.

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