Wood pellet bagging – New installations

Wood pellet bagging

Wood pellet bagging line

Various installations of wood pellet bagging lines have been mounted in the last months of 2015 in the sector of biomass for the wood pellet packing with different applications, capacities and characteristics such as for example Lucena, Maderas Campo or Infinit but also in exportation to Baltic countries and in South America with 3 main bagging installations of which production capacity is very high.

Maderas Campos S.L. is a company dedicated to the wood sector since Don Francisco Campos García founded it in the 70’s in Alcalá la Real (Jaén). During all of these years, he adapted the company to all the new trends and opportunities of the market such as parquet and pallet board manufacturing or wood cutting.

In 2015, renewable energies inspired them and pushed them to create OLOGIMASA, a company specially oriented towards transportation, forest exploitation and biomass. ELOCOM helped in the acquisition of packing machinery for wood pellet.

The new development in the CV-4000 bagging machines to work with paper coil allows the to offer, in a very eco-friendly sector dealing with renewable energies, an ecologic package which is 100% recyclable as paper. In order to accomplish this, CV bagging machines have been adapted with special mechanisms and systems that allow it to handle and manage the paper sheets for it’s unrolling, conformation and sealing.


Wood pellet bagging pallet

This ecologic package has had a very good acceptation in the sector and several installations have already been delivered to pack wood pellet with paper coil. Recently, the factory with highest production capacity of wood pellets of South America has been launched. The installation has a complete line of high production with top speeds of 1.650 bags/h. in bagging, double swing dosage and bagging, anthropomorphic robot of multiple take palletizing and stretching film wrapper.


Wood pellet palletizing robot
Wood pellet palletizing robot

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