The technical study and development of engineering that has been carried out in recent times by ELOCOM for the packaging of powdered products (micronized, hyperventilated, …) and difficult to handle and dosage, has been reflected in a constant way.

The projects carried out and / or delivered during the year 2016 show it.We will next name some of these and other projects with their particularities (products, capacities, applications …), as well as the sectors to which they are destined.

Packaging installations for powdered or granulated products.

ELOCOM 2016 PROJECTSThere have been several bagging lines for 20kg format. In sealed bag (with decompression valve). The novelty in addition to being able to work in FFS bagging systems (CV-4000P series) with these products, is to reduce the volume of the product through a densification system (up to 50%), the formation of a bag adjusted to the volume of the product already densified (bulk density 0.3-0.4kg / lit. to density compacted 0.65-0.75kg.lit) and the development of a decompression valve system that allows the evacuation of air from inside the bag and avoids the entrance of any external agent (hermetic bag).

In addition to reducing costs by suction (2-3,000NL / min to 3-400Nl / min.), it also reduces maintenance, contamination, dirt and product losses.

EP400As far as open mouth packers are concerned, the projects carried out for powdered and granulated products, such as milk powder, sugar, salt and cereals, have not been any less successful.

The different destinations of the applications made have shown us that we are a supplier of guarantees for the different sectors, and of course with presence in all of them.
 The solution that Elocom is providing for powdered products is giving a very good result, and this is perceived in each of the projects that are carried out, since the packaging of these products in open-sack bag is usually a problem for the manufacturers due to the low capacity of production, as for the dirt that is generated or for the conformation of the final bag.

In this sense other important advances have been made for the packaging in Bigbags for these same products and others of difficult behavior. In particular, all models of fillers for different applications have been manufactured and delivered throughout the year.

Automatic BB filler with placement of BBs from coil by robot,Automatic BB filler with placement of BBs from coil by robot, for products for animal feed. This model has a system of unwinding and automatic separation of bigbags from a coil, its opening and positioning in the filling mouth of the filler, its dosage and evacuation by motorized rollers or belt conveyors.

Semiautomatic BB Net Weight FillerSemiautomatic BB Net Weight Filler allows the dosage and weighing of granulated products or medium-good fluidity, such as pvc pellets, fertilizers, seeds and cereals, etc …

The positioning and closing of the mouth of the BB is manual (optionally automatic), all the movements are made from the control panel and its design created to facilitate the operations to the worker as well as their safety.

Semiautomatic BB Weight Filler in INOXSemiautomatic BB Weight Filler in INOX allows the dosage of products of difficult-medium behavior, such as powder products (mining, pharmacy, food, etc …)



Gross weight manual BB filler.Gross weight manual BB filler.This model is ideal for products with good performance and for installations with low-medium productions. BBs of different sizes can be made, with or without filling mouth, with weighing control system or volumetric.




Palletizing systems.

There have been numerous projects with very different characteristics of palletizing (production, palletizing mosaics, and / or different applications). Within the range of palletizers we can find Palletizers by Layers (Maxipal, Masterpal, Europal) and the range of robots (anthropomorphic robot and gantry).

Maxipal The Maxipal model offers its different versions (Speed and / or complete layer) becoming the most standardized model among the range of our palletizers by low, and offering a very high quality and variety of possibilities in palletizing mosaics.

One of the most important points to take into account in the layered palletization is the conformation of the sacks prior to palletizing. For this we have different confirmation systems depending on the packaged product (powder or granules) and the type of bag.

IMG-20170119-WA0001In this photo we can see the manufacture of several palletizers simultaneously and different features as seen in the first two, corresponding to the models Masterpal 1200 and Europal.


The Masterpal 1200 belongs to the Masterpal series where there are models 1000- 1200 and 1500 depending on the speeds to be achieved. In the series Masterpal we always works with the pallet by low, unlike the Europal (to the left of the photo) in which it is a palletizer with pallet by stop. This means that the empty pallet rises to pick up the layer, and so on the rest.

RobotThe facilities of anthropomorphic robots have been a very constant application in recent times, and in general they are about non-easy solution projects with applications for different lines of simultaneous production, application and taking of sheets of cardboard and empty pallets with different measures, Bags with different densities and different product heights, palletizing points and different mosaics, etc … For this, the most advanced technologies for detection and speed of movement, as well as qualities for aggressive, corrosive environments, etc. have been implemented in the lines.

The gantry-type palletizing systemThe gantry-type palletizing system is very convenient and practical for users because of its simplicity, functionality and possibilities that it allows.

This type of palletisation is ideal for low-medium production facilities, with total line automation or even pallet palletizing on the floor with manual placement and removal.

The precision in its movements offers a very good palletizing quality, and the possibilities offered by the PLC allows the user to manipulate and create new programs.

In order to complete the bagging and palletizing lines, it is not possible to avoid overpacking systems, which are no less important for the finishing and complete image of the packaging of the different products. For this, Elocom has two suppliers with high recognition at European and global level in all sectors. For stretch film packaging systems we have TOSA S.R.L. And for coating systems with LACHENMEIER.


These examples reflect the great success in ELOCOM‘s solutions for these products, bearing in mind that all this has also been carried out with the transfer to the new ELOCOM & PROYMEC Assembly production plant.

The new plant has been prepared to cover more manufacturing processes (assembly train, machining machinery, painting chamber, as well as personnel and other equipment …).

This will allow ELOCOM, among other things, to obtain greater control of the manufacturing process in its phases (design, orders to suppliers, manufacturing and / or assembly, delivery date) optimization of material costs, greater guarantee of materials and Equipment supplied. These and other manufacturing processes make a company a guarantee provider, without forgetting the experience of more than 30 years in the packaging sector.

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