Open mouth bagging machine Model: EP500

Open mouth bagging machine

Based on the “low cost” concept the new EP500 Open mouth bagging machine design still guarantees the reliability and automatation of the EP SERIES.

open mouth bagging machine  EP-500 general view

Despite the search for reducing cost and improve competitivity, operational reliability remains intact thanks to:

-Identical filling mouth as the EP-400 and EP-600.

Bags placer with clamps with proven efficiency in higher EP models such as the EP-1500.

Bags translation through straps such as in the EP-400 and EP-600 models.

Therefore it works with powder products and without or without gussets bags without adjustments required.

open mouth bagging machine  EP-500 bag container

Regarding the empty bags storage and selection, the classical system has been included guaranteeing performance with paper, PE and high quality PP bags. The inclusion of a conveyor belt will ensure a multiple stations empty magazine.

The reduction in costs comes basically from the materials used such as motors, gearboxes, pneumatics etc… avoiding first brands compare to the other EP models.

Also, instead of using a control panel with color touch screen and data and digitized drawings, a basic panel for electronic weighing and keypads drive for the bagging machine.

The bagging machine is also available with sewing units from relevant market brands and other units fromless known manufacturers.

open mouth bagging machine  EP-500 sac container

One of the strengths of this machine is the combination of the empty bags positioning arm, filling mouth and full bag translation. Reducing the movements to the straight minimum also reduces the error probability.

At the same time it is an easy machine to use, maintain and regulate, suitable for small businesses that do not have specialized departments in automatic machines.

The potential of the EP-500 in the two existing versions is:

-EP-500 gross weight 350-400 bags/hour (Depending on product and accuracy).

-EP-500 net weight: 550-600 bags/hour.

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Automatic bagger EP-400 – SANOVO EIPRODUKTE GMBH

Automatic bagger EP-400.

ELOCOM, S.L.. it will supply in this February 2,012 automatic bagger machine for open-mouth sack the German company SANOVO.Esta group company produces egg powder used as feed additive in bags of 25 kg.

Automatic bagger EP-400.

The solution given by ELOCOM is:

  • EP-400 automatic bagger with dispenser weight loss in fully automatic cycle.
  •  Fishbein seamer PILS 300 heat sealed inner liner and closes the closing Pinch Top thermal transfer.

Ensacadora automática para la empresa SANOVO

Bagging powdered food products in bags of great content requires specialization are to which a supplier must be oriented.



On the last visit customer, it has been shown as after 3 years with proper maintenance, installation works with full efficiency and with an aspect of installing new bagging. The very good relationship with your client ELOCOM allows this facility to be used as ground in which to bring new stakeholders. this facility to other infant formula, could be packaged many other industry products such as serums, etc …

Currently ELOCOM, S.L.. It is the company with greater specialization in the packaging of milk powder and serums through and have installed the latest three more facilities modfernas automatic bagging and palletizing sector.

Important hygienic designs contributed to the machines (GMP design, hygienic, stainless steel finishes, etc …) are required argujentos in the sector, which had been installed baggers often open mouth to feed regardless of the different requerimeintos that such products need.

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