Wood pellet installation near Kaliningrad (Russia)


This October 2015 ELOCOM has put in operation a new bagging & palletizing installation for wood pellets in the outskirts of Kaliningrad (Russia).


One more installation in pellet Biomass in the Baltic region to add to the existing lines in Lithuania and Latvia, a region with a huge potential in woodland.

The installation running at 900 bags/hour consists on a flat reel bagging machine CV4025 with electronic gravity weigher, Maxipal Speed palletiser and hermetic cycle wrapper with top cover dispenser.

The evolution of the geographical expansion of ELOCOM has
been amazing.

By 2.001 ELOCOM installed the first automatic packing
machine in Spain. It was something new that in no way was
supposed to be a wide market. In the following years,
complete packing lines were installed countrywide in Spain, as
well as in Portugal.
Nowadays, the leading companies in Spain in wood pellet
production lines have automatic ELOCOM packing lines.

ELOCOM has lines installed in different countries of Europe as
Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania,… the reason being above all
due the confidence of large specialized engineering in the

The challenges that the ELOCOM Export department is
currently engaged in are clearly targeted.

Several automatic packing facilities installed in the Americas,
which involve the leading companies in the production of
pellet in the USA and in several Latin American countries such
as Brazil or Chile.

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Open mouth bagging machine Model: EP500

Open mouth bagging machine

Based on the “low cost” concept the new EP500 Open mouth bagging machine design still guarantees the reliability and automatation of the EP SERIES.

open mouth bagging machine  EP-500 general view

Despite the search for reducing cost and improve competitivity, operational reliability remains intact thanks to:

-Identical filling mouth as the EP-400 and EP-600.

Bags placer with clamps with proven efficiency in higher EP models such as the EP-1500.

Bags translation through straps such as in the EP-400 and EP-600 models.

Therefore it works with powder products and without or without gussets bags without adjustments required.

open mouth bagging machine  EP-500 bag container

Regarding the empty bags storage and selection, the classical system has been included guaranteeing performance with paper, PE and high quality PP bags. The inclusion of a conveyor belt will ensure a multiple stations empty magazine.

The reduction in costs comes basically from the materials used such as motors, gearboxes, pneumatics etc… avoiding first brands compare to the other EP models.

Also, instead of using a control panel with color touch screen and data and digitized drawings, a basic panel for electronic weighing and keypads drive for the bagging machine.

The bagging machine is also available with sewing units from relevant market brands and other units fromless known manufacturers.

open mouth bagging machine  EP-500 sac container

One of the strengths of this machine is the combination of the empty bags positioning arm, filling mouth and full bag translation. Reducing the movements to the straight minimum also reduces the error probability.

At the same time it is an easy machine to use, maintain and regulate, suitable for small businesses that do not have specialized departments in automatic machines.

The potential of the EP-500 in the two existing versions is:

-EP-500 gross weight 350-400 bags/hour (Depending on product and accuracy).

-EP-500 net weight: 550-600 bags/hour.

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Bagging machine – Expoquimia 2014

Expoquimia logoBagging machine

From the 30th September til the 3rd October 2014, ELOCOM S.L will be present at the Expoquimia 2014 Exhibition. With a new Bagging Machine.

Find us at Palacio P2, nivel 0, calle D stand 144.

Bagging machine

The bagging machine exhibited will show the evolution of our FFS equipments in powder products.

Bagging machine CV4025 with double weigher and screws at 1.200 bags/hour in 25 kg pre-mixed cement.

This machine carries a densifying system that ascertains the product compaction within the bag.

Furthermore ELOCOM will highlight its:

Brand new EP bagging machine for specific sector, pharmaceutical, GMP design, ATEX, stainless steel etc…

High capacity EP1500 for Polypropylene bags and granule products at 2.000 bags/hour.

Full automatic Big Bag fillers with automatic robot feeding system.

You could also appreciate the evolution of our different automatic palletizing systems…

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Wood pellet bagging line (Biomass) installation delivered in Vietnam 1600 Bags / Hour

Wood pellet bagging line.

This wood company ranked among the top 3 wood exotic furniture companies in Vietnam has built a new factory for pellet production. The ambitious project targets an annual production capacity of 250.000 Tn of pellets with 80% dedicated to energy production for the different factories of the group and 20% packed justifying the investment in this brand new high capacity bagging line.

Contrary to Europe where wood pellets are normally packed in PE bags with FFS systems, Asia mainly uses open mouth woven or paper bags. Therefore ELOCOM proposed using the high capacity open mouth EP series baggers for this application. Its almost entirely mechanical processes guaranteed maximal reliability and efficiency.


Wood pellet bagging line.

Two different formats will be used:

–         15 kg paper sewed bags.

–         25 kg woven sewed bags.

The line consists of:

–         02 gravity weighing systems with 3 load cells each.

–         01 Bagging machine EP1500 brushless drivers.

–         01 Masterpal 1800 layer palletizer.

–         Wrapping unit manufactured locally (customer conditions)


Equipments reception took place in ELOCOM facilities last May ´14 and tests carried out with product supplied from ELOCOM´s customers in Europe.

All the contract conditions in terms of capacity were met and accepted by the customer. The limit was set by the EP1500 which in our facilities ELOCOM ITALIA S.R.L achieved a maximum of 1600 bags/hour in 15 kg.

The following video shows the reception of the palletizer in ELOCOM LIME ACTIVIDAD TÉCNICA S.R.L plant at a production rate of 1800 bags/hour.


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Flat reel bagger for wood chips at 1.200bags/hour.


The increasing interest in the Biomass sector has led Elocom to design and manufacture a new high speed flat reel bagger for wood chips.

The main issues encountered with this product were:

Low bulk density. For a 25 kg bag we reached a volume of almost 70l. Fluctuations within the same product depending on the humidity (10-30%), the chips size that affect the bulk density and the product behavior. Dome effect in bags for chips less than 50 mm long.

To overcome those issues some modifications undertaken on the well-known flat reel bagging machine CV-4080 with double belt weigher were carried out.

The installation includes an ?anti-jam? system at the discharge stage.

It is about forcing a progressive download of the chips so that they can easily flow into the filling tube.

Also the high cost of transport for wood chips with a rate of humidity below 10-12% was surmounted through a compactation system that allows a reduction in volume of 25-30%. This way the cost of transportation in bags is about 25% less than in bulk.

Elocom is preparing a doors open day in its facilities at the end of September for those who wish to see in live the advantages of this new machine. Everybody is more than welcome.


flat reel bagger for wood chips

This application is common to industries that while they share
the raw materials, the have a very different treatment when
it comes to packing and palletizing: substrates, peat and
compost and biomass.

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Bagger of bags valve for Kerakoll (Castellon de la Plana, Spain)

Bagger of bags valve.

Kerakoll, the company quality reference in the manufacture and sale of mortars and premixed, has contacted the acquisition and installation of a bagging machine for bags valve NATROTECH.

The installation will be assembled at the plant that the company has in the province of Castellon. This plant has been elected because it’s a long experience in bagger manufacturing and as the extremely high standards of manufacturing. These baggers types are remarkable by their high degree of reliability and functionality unlike numerous local fabrications.

The cleaning system of this bagger allows, in a very short time, that a non-skilled operator can change the material without contaminate the product. Actually, KERAKOLL is equipped with packaging machinery leading brands in Europe, following his philosophy relying on more serious suppliers.


ensacadora para sacos de valvula Elocom

NATRO, a manufacturer of automatic bagging machines for
valve bag belongs to the Mondi Group.
Mondi is currently the largest manufacturer of valve bags in
the world. The high experience in the treatment of valve bags
and bagging problems has led over the years NATRO to
produce valve bag packing machines of the highest quality.

Usually, the large multinational groups which are installing
these automatic baggers worldwide, when realizing the
differences to other machines on the market. Thus, groups
on installing NATRO bagging systems.

The most important implementation of Natro valve baggers
valve are: Placement of unique bags for 2,3 or 4 filling ports,
stores up to 800 vertical empty bags, automatic bag placer for
rotary bagging machines, valve sealers both by heat and

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Open mouth bagging machine 1200 BAGS/HOUR – AZUCARERA EBRO


The reference company in the food sector, Azucarera Ebro, has confirmed an order for an open mouth bagging machine model EP-1500 to Elocom. The bagging machine, with a performance potential of 1,500 bags per hour has been guaranteed to work at a rate of 1,200 bags/hour in 5 and 25 kg bag formats.


The Peculiarity of this production is the one with the bag of 5 kg which has an exclusive design designed by Azucarera Ebro with a very innovative stitch less closure. The bag of 25 kg can also be produced in the same machine but with a new specific closure station with sewing thread. The machine has a multiple dosing system in relation to the production line to be performed and at the same time the best reliability it is assured in customer requirements.

Considering that the mechanical drives are from the outside of the bagging machine area, unlike other Spanish and European manufacturers, this fact has convinced this very exigent customer who has had many other experiences but not as efficient.

The bagging machines controls by means of a touch screen based on an industrial PC with Windows XP, provides accessibility as well as communication intervention for the customer.

The automatic open-end bagger EP-1500 V is the variant of
the EP-1500 bagger. This technology based on or use
brushless servomotors for maximum optimization of the
mechanical accelerations ensuring the automation sequence
synchronism. The open-end sackbaggers that most
manufacturers currently use, are based on operation by
pneumatic pistons, which even though allow a first regulation
at high speeds in a short time deregulate and force a drastic
reduction in yields thereof.

Pneumatic cylinders, over time, lose their constancy in the
drive speed due to deterioration of internal joints and the
evolution of the quality of compressed air (moisture and

Logo Azucarera Ebro

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