Big bag filler presentation (2nd CALL)

Big Bag Filler

The Conference presentation of the new big bag filler, will be held between 18 and 22 April 2016, ELOCOM invited to visit all companies interested in our facilities in Castellon. Big Bag Filler

During a week and accompanied by the staff of ELOCOM, the clients will be able to visit, receive information and to see some plants working with product.

In order of innovation interest, the installations that will be available to visit will be:

Semiautomatic BigBag filler

1-     Semiautomatic BigBag filler with weight loss for micronized products of high level of aeration.

Installation prepared to work with BigBags of up to 1.200 Kg of calcium hydroxide with a production of 25 BB/hour densified from 0,3 to 0,6 gr/cm3.

This installation will be available to see with fluidization charge systems so that it receives the product in the worst possible conditions.

The remaining Big Bags are compact and full until their top part.

Semiautomatic filler

2-     Semiautomatic filler with net weight weigher for granulated products.

Velocity of 60 BB/hour in 1.000 Kg. Automatic system of alimentation of empty pallets and evacuation of full pallets.


3-    Semiautomatic weigher of net weight for dust products. Very similar installation to the previous one dealing with the composition and in the velocity but with an alimentation through 2 worm drives (thick and refined).

4-     Semiautomatic filler for BigBags for pharmaceutical ambience.

Gross weight machine (does not need velocity but yes possibility of full cleaning), totally in stainless steel . As option, it also has a thermo sealing system of the mouth in automatic cycle and insufflation of Nitrogen for inert environment.

 manual fillers

5-     Several models of manual fillers of gross weight..





Automatic alimentation of BigBag

6-     Automatic alimentation of BigBag to filler. The set starts from BigBags in coil and once they are separated of this last, they are immediately placed thanks to a ROBOT of 6 axes in one or several BigBags.

For this event, confirmation of assistance and arrival hour is required in order to prepare the necessary staff in the needed languages.

The presentation will be held in the new installations of the company of the Group, ELOCOM PROYMEC ASSEMBLY, S.L. in Villareal – CASTELLON (ESPAÑA). In the next reminding of this presentation, the address and the exact dates will be communicated.

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Llenadora de bigbag – Invitación a jornada de puertas abiertas.

Bigbag filler

On Wednesday 16 October 2,013 customers and offer every industry sector to visit the new bigbag filler machines in the manufacturing plant of ELOCOM Group.

You can see a Bigbag filler high performance granular products.

The plant capacity is up to 80 bigbags when dosed depending on the product and has the ability to work with bigbags remontándolos means automatic. In this case it has store empty pallets and accumulation of more than 10 big bags on departure.

People who want to visit this plant should contact by mail to:

Javier Laguardia

It will get people throughout the day.

Bigbag filler

Currently, ELOCOM, SL has the widest range of big bag filling
machines on the market. Unlike other
industry players seeking to adapt their available machines to
any problem they may face, in our plants we have been
designing different models of both high and low performance.

Although in the market there are being installed the same
BigBag filling machines for either granular products or
micronized powder, ELOCOM, SL is committed to
specialization that allows yields and reliabilities unattainable
for many of its competitors.

We may highlight two applications that differentiate very
much from products of other manufacturers:

  • Complete automatic filling cycle. Even though other
    companies use «automatic fillers» when referring to
    semiautomatic, this is not the case of ELOCOM.
    The application development on 6 axis robot allows facilities
    where the operator does not intervene at any point in the
    process. Therefore the big bag output exceeds 140 an hour
    with the proper drop-speed products.
  • High speeds in fluidised products that require
    densification. Unlike the classic gross weight fillers, that
    seldom exceed 4 bigbag per hour, we have available facilities
    that exceed 25 Bigbag per hour in the most difficult products.