The technical study and development of engineering that has been carried out in recent times by ELOCOM for the packaging of powdered products (micronized, hyperventilated, …) and difficult to handle and dosage, has been reflected in a constant way.

The projects carried out and / or delivered during the year 2016 show it.We will next name some of these and other projects with their particularities (products, capacities, applications …), as well as the sectors to which they are destined.

Packaging installations for powdered or granulated products.

ELOCOM 2016 PROJECTSThere have been several bagging lines for 20kg format. In sealed bag (with decompression valve). The novelty in addition to being able to work in FFS bagging systems (CV-4000P series) with these products, is to reduce the volume of the product through a densification system (up to 50%), the formation of a bag adjusted to the volume of the product already densified (bulk density 0.3-0.4kg / lit. to density compacted 0.65-0.75kg.lit) and the development of a decompression valve system that allows the evacuation of air from inside the bag and avoids the entrance of any external agent (hermetic bag).

In addition to reducing costs by suction (2-3,000NL / min to 3-400Nl / min.), it also reduces maintenance, contamination, dirt and product losses.

EP400As far as open mouth packers are concerned, the projects carried out for powdered and granulated products, such as milk powder, sugar, salt and cereals, have not been any less successful.

The different destinations of the applications made have shown us that we are a supplier of guarantees for the different sectors, and of course with presence in all of them.
 The solution that Elocom is providing for powdered products is giving a very good result, and this is perceived in each of the projects that are carried out, since the packaging of these products in open-sack bag is usually a problem for the manufacturers due to the low capacity of production, as for the dirt that is generated or for the conformation of the final bag.

In this sense other important advances have been made for the packaging in Bigbags for these same products and others of difficult behavior. In particular, all models of fillers for different applications have been manufactured and delivered throughout the year.

Automatic BB filler with placement of BBs from coil by robot,Automatic BB filler with placement of BBs from coil by robot, for products for animal feed. This model has a system of unwinding and automatic separation of bigbags from a coil, its opening and positioning in the filling mouth of the filler, its dosage and evacuation by motorized rollers or belt conveyors.

Semiautomatic BB Net Weight FillerSemiautomatic BB Net Weight Filler allows the dosage and weighing of granulated products or medium-good fluidity, such as pvc pellets, fertilizers, seeds and cereals, etc …

The positioning and closing of the mouth of the BB is manual (optionally automatic), all the movements are made from the control panel and its design created to facilitate the operations to the worker as well as their safety.

Semiautomatic BB Weight Filler in INOXSemiautomatic BB Weight Filler in INOX allows the dosage of products of difficult-medium behavior, such as powder products (mining, pharmacy, food, etc …)



Gross weight manual BB filler.Gross weight manual BB filler.This model is ideal for products with good performance and for installations with low-medium productions. BBs of different sizes can be made, with or without filling mouth, with weighing control system or volumetric.




Palletizing systems.

There have been numerous projects with very different characteristics of palletizing (production, palletizing mosaics, and / or different applications). Within the range of palletizers we can find Palletizers by Layers (Maxipal, Masterpal, Europal) and the range of robots (anthropomorphic robot and gantry).

Maxipal The Maxipal model offers its different versions (Speed and / or complete layer) becoming the most standardized model among the range of our palletizers by low, and offering a very high quality and variety of possibilities in palletizing mosaics.

One of the most important points to take into account in the layered palletization is the conformation of the sacks prior to palletizing. For this we have different confirmation systems depending on the packaged product (powder or granules) and the type of bag.

IMG-20170119-WA0001In this photo we can see the manufacture of several palletizers simultaneously and different features as seen in the first two, corresponding to the models Masterpal 1200 and Europal.


The Masterpal 1200 belongs to the Masterpal series where there are models 1000- 1200 and 1500 depending on the speeds to be achieved. In the series Masterpal we always works with the pallet by low, unlike the Europal (to the left of the photo) in which it is a palletizer with pallet by stop. This means that the empty pallet rises to pick up the layer, and so on the rest.

RobotThe facilities of anthropomorphic robots have been a very constant application in recent times, and in general they are about non-easy solution projects with applications for different lines of simultaneous production, application and taking of sheets of cardboard and empty pallets with different measures, Bags with different densities and different product heights, palletizing points and different mosaics, etc … For this, the most advanced technologies for detection and speed of movement, as well as qualities for aggressive, corrosive environments, etc. have been implemented in the lines.

The gantry-type palletizing systemThe gantry-type palletizing system is very convenient and practical for users because of its simplicity, functionality and possibilities that it allows.

This type of palletisation is ideal for low-medium production facilities, with total line automation or even pallet palletizing on the floor with manual placement and removal.

The precision in its movements offers a very good palletizing quality, and the possibilities offered by the PLC allows the user to manipulate and create new programs.

In order to complete the bagging and palletizing lines, it is not possible to avoid overpacking systems, which are no less important for the finishing and complete image of the packaging of the different products. For this, Elocom has two suppliers with high recognition at European and global level in all sectors. For stretch film packaging systems we have TOSA S.R.L. And for coating systems with LACHENMEIER.


These examples reflect the great success in ELOCOM‘s solutions for these products, bearing in mind that all this has also been carried out with the transfer to the new ELOCOM & PROYMEC Assembly production plant.

The new plant has been prepared to cover more manufacturing processes (assembly train, machining machinery, painting chamber, as well as personnel and other equipment …).

This will allow ELOCOM, among other things, to obtain greater control of the manufacturing process in its phases (design, orders to suppliers, manufacturing and / or assembly, delivery date) optimization of material costs, greater guarantee of materials and Equipment supplied. These and other manufacturing processes make a company a guarantee provider, without forgetting the experience of more than 30 years in the packaging sector.

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Bagging installations from paper reel for wood pellets.


The first bagging installations line from paper reel for wood pellets in Spain has been recently put in operation.

The advantage of working either with paper or PE reels is positively welcomed in the biomass sector.

The increase of the so-called”ecological package “that allows for 100% paper bag recycling offers a commercial versatility highly appreciated among the customers…

Complete paper line in operation.

Bagging installations from paper reel for wood pellets
Bagging installations from paper reel for wood pellets

Besides the first production line in Ribpellet shown in the video, other customers like Infinit (Barcelona) and Maderas Campo (Jaen) have already confirmed to ELOCOM their purchase of the versatile reel bagger PE/Paper.

The automatic packing innovation is of a very high magnitude because until now these materials were used only in the food sector and in small sizes.

When customizing the materials to different products, the
material is studied to meet different requirements; when it
comes to mining product s, the basic requirement is the high
resistance of the bag. In this case the paper coil packing
includes a larger amount of biopolymers in order to have a
recyclable and biodegradable product . In biomass, the
highest content of paper is essential.

In industries working with micronized powder products, the
great advantage of this packing system is that it prevents the
emission of high amounts of dust occurring in the traditional
valve packing. It also provides bigger savings in aspiration
costs. Furthermore, the high cost of valve bags that in many
cases require an inner polyethylene film, means that
switching to a FFS with paper roll very are quickly profitable.

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ELOCOM MOMTAJES, S.L. – Maintenance Contracts

Elocom Montajes S.L.

Important increase of the” Close maintenance agreement” model among the maintenance options available.

Elocom montajes

Elocom Montajes, S.L. is a company belonging to the Elocom Group with independent management in charge of erection, commissioning, after sale service, technical assistance and spares supply of the ELOCOM installations.

At the present, from the 1.200 ELOCOM bagging installations running worldwide, over 7% of our clients have purchased the option that offers highest standards in security and maintenance efficiency.

ELOCOM MONTAJES, S.L. offers different maintenance contracts adapted to the needs of each individual client. The most requested is probably the purchase of 2 annual revisions where our technicians revise the sensible and worn parts, adjust and replace the damaged parts if required.

Today, the companies are searching for the most suitable maintenance plans that can guarantee the continuous production. The lack of maintenance and adjustments becomes the main spot of breakdowns in the production lines with the consequent economic losses due to the forced activity breaks.

The Analysis of the maintenance contract indicators clearly states that:

The biggest the company, the highest is the tendency to program the maintenance actuation. In Fact, according to the classification of ELOCOM clients, 61% of the maintenance contracts are agreed with the considered” Big Companies”.

In terms of geographical location, a steep increase is noticed in “Export” especially in emergent countries in Latin America and some Asian countries.

As expected, some sectors with Special issues and difficult atmospheres in terms of dust and Corrosivity such as fertilizers and salt have a higher percentage of maintenance contracts.

To conclude, it is important to highlight that the biggest advantage of the ELOCOM Montajes, S.L. maintenance contracts is the fact that the machine performs better and INCREASE CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION.

Si analizamos desde diferentes parámetros, la atribución de contratos nos señala:

–        Cuanto mayor es la empresa, mayor es la tendencia a programar mediante contratos de mantenimiento. De hecho, dentro de la distribución de clientes de Elocom, el 61% de los Contratos de Mantenimiento son pactados con empresas consideradas “Empresa Grande”.

–        Por distribución geográfica, cabe destacar el gran aumento en “Exportación” y en concreto en países emergentes de Latinoamérica y algunos de Asia .

–        Como era de esperar, algunos sectores con especial problemática de mal ambiente de polvo o corrosión, entre los que se destacan fertilizantes y sal, tienen el mayor porcentaje de Contratos de Mantenimiento.

Como punto final, queremos señalar que la mayor ventaja de que se acuerden Contratos de Mantenimiento con ElocomMontajes,S.L. es que al trabajar mejor las máquinas, se consigue un incremento en la SATISFACCION de los CLIENTES.

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Automatic bagging machine EP1500 – New Siemens brushless control

Automatic Bagging Machine

In close collaboration with SIEMENS, the open mouth automatic bagging machine series has gained noticeable advantages.

automatic bagging machine

Assembly facilities ELOCOM ITALIA SRL with EP1500 bagger series.

In fact, through the application of control servomotors SIEMENS Motion control, the articulated arms of the high performance bagging machine (EP1500) has developed an acceleration/deceleration program increasing considerably the speed, achieving:

2.000 bags/hour max.

1.750 bags/hour with 1 second for bag filling.

At the moment, several EP1500 series assemblies are scheduled therefore new facilities will be set to increase the assembly capacity. Right now up to 6 EP1500 can be mounted simultaneously.

We remind that the EP1500 achieves it maximal performance in 50 kg PP bags included non-laminated PP.

The improvement in the control of movements of servo
motors will also be implemented in other models of «high
end» of the series of EP ELOCOM packers. Both models
automatic open-end baggers EP-600 and EP-1000 servomotors
have in their articulated arms; these are to be be controlled
by the same SIEMENS system although in these the target is
not to increase the packing speed.
In the case of the open end sack packer EP-1000, the machine
has 4 servomotors, being within the range which incorporates
more elements of high quality.
In the case of automatic open end sack packer EP-400, this is
aimed at packing powders because it can ensure minimal
emission of dust, with the bag always closed int the softest

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Bagging salt.

Bagging salt.

Consolidation in the sector ELOCOM bagging salt.

Bagging salt is a particularly technical field so specific to your problem:

High level of corrosion. Besides the use of different types of stainless steel (304 and 316 L), materials such as copper or aluminum are avoided.

High hygroscopicity. It generates a large number of electrical breakdowns in addition to problems in the sensors for proper automation.

Physical behavior problems especially in salt with high relative humidity.

For 20 years, ELOCOM has made nearly 50 automatic bagging lines for salt in 4 continents. The requirements in each country (type of bag, type of salt, environment, marketing, etc…) have been very different, which have allowed the company to accumulate knowledge on how to solve problems.


Elocom EP1000 Bagging salt

Currently, they are riding 4 floors salt in the exercise 2,013 in Africa, Asia and America. The machinery is very diverse using both coil FFS baggers as baggers bag mouth open.

Note the installation being assembled right now in the main salt of Madagascar in addition to bags and bundles palletizing, packaging room composed of 3 automatic bagging machines is mounted. The bagging machine is a foil to 1,200 bags / hour and two of raffia bag 600 bags / hour each.

Facilities for bagging and palletizing salt are very similar to those of fertilizers since they share much of the problem that punishes machines.

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Packaging FFS.

Packaging FFS .

He has been given the first packaging FFS ATEX for the Spanish market.

Packaging FFS


The company APC Europe, producer of animal protein, just installed a packaging sheet ELOCOM with ATEX protection.

The packaging machine able to produce an airtight bag that protects the product from external agents, has been implemented necessary to be certified ATEX according to customer demand protections.

APC EUROPE is a leading company in Europe in the processing
of animal blood. With a long history in the market and the
operation under different names in its history, its present
facility is located in Granollers.

The animal blood, once collected is processed and dried. Its
high content of protein makes it highly suitable for use as a
food additive. In this section, there are numerous applications
for this product.

The installation allowed the customer to bag in a very tough,
tight sack, that successfully replaced the valve bag. The big
advantage is to allow having a clean packaging room, which is
not possible with the use of valve baggers.

The automatic bagging machine itself has a system to ensure
that the bags can’t slide when they are positioned on the
pallet. This is an automatic «embossed» incorporated into the
flat coil packer, able to generate a roughness in the plastic;
once the sack completed, the roughening makes the sack
grab the top and bottom preventing slippage.

The savings in this type of installation are important with
respect to other bagging machines installed by competitors:

  • Saveings in excess of 50% of the cost of the bag with respect
    to a valve bag.
  • 40-50% savings on the amount of plastic for protection of
    the palletized load.

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It is a reward for the whole ELOCOM team. Indeed, we have obtained the Certification for Quality Management Systems under ISO 9001:2008.

The organized work of the human team that forms the company, along with the advanced computer systems implemented in recent years has confirmed our system without any modification. ELOCOM´s clear focus on customer satisfaction has been our belief in the daily work, now we have been confirmed.Right now the goal is one: to continue in the same direction.Congratulations to everybody.


Logo Elocom ISO 9001

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Expobioenergía 2010 – 1st Prize for Technological Innovation.

Expobioenergía 2010.
Expobioenergia 2010

The Expobioenergía 2010 Fair has awarded the 1st Prize for Technological Innovation ELOCOM for its versatile pressed bales and sacks of pellets wood. The award was given at the awards ceremony of 27.10.2010 by the President of chip packager the association AVEBIOM the Director of Marketing Mr. Iñaki Elosegi.Este ELOCOM award recognizes the efforts of both the company R & D as whole human group forming ELOCOM.

Expobioenergía 2014 is aimed at owners and companies of
forestry and agriculture, timber industry and agriculture, fuel
distributors, energy suppliers, cement industry and ceramics,
boiler installers, architects, developers and real estate,
training, consulting and local, regional and national
In 2014 Expobionergía we may find representation of the
following sectors:

-Use of Forestry and Agricultural Biomass.
-Use of Forestry and Agricultural Biomass
-Energy crops
-Domestic heat
-Electric power generation.
-Bioenergy services, etc.

Recinto Feria de Valladolid. Av. Ramon Pradera s / n, 47009,

International level
Sectors: Use of forest biomass and agricultural energy
crops,Heat Generation domestic electricity and thermal solid
bioenergy , Biofuels Biogas Biofuels Services, etc.
Expobioenergía has already established itself as a must and
offers exhibitors and visitors:
• A high degree of specialization
• A practical nature
• A ‘fair machines running’ away from conventional ‘catalog
•Business opportunities
• Opening an international market
• Personal treatment.
Finally it is pointed out that this fair will be held within the
next 21 to 23 October 2014 at the premises of the fairgrounds
of the Feria de Valladolid.




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Pellet biomass – Complete line.

Complete line of pellet biomass.

ELOCOM, S.L.. large contract to supply complete line of pellet biomass EMBALEUROPA company.

EMBALEUROPA, a company belonging to important SOUSACAMP agoalimentario group has designed and launched a major biomass pellet plant and compost north of Portugal.

ELOCOM contracted installation is also formed around the feeding system, hoppers, filling of bigbag, 2 dosing systems (volume + weight), 5 bag formats, presser, automatic palletizer multiformat and hermetic wrapper.

pellet biomass complet line

The importance of this facility in addition to versatility of the line lies in the high profile market that the company with great potential for future expansion.

The installation will be delivered at the end of September 2010.

The Sousacamp Group began its activities in 1989 in the

parish of Benlhevai, municipality of Vila Flor, making local
production of its emblems. The company is engaged in the production, marketing and distribution of mushrooms, which are of widely recognized quality, not only by customers but also by agencies and independent certified NOP / USDA ORGANIC, GlobalGAP, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, among others.

Sousacamp is a company with a present and is implemented in several Europeancountries, and is still in a dynamic market expansion into new latitudes.

The loyalty of our customers and expansion into new markets are the result of our strict commitment to quality. Under the motto «By itself, by nature,» the group and its employees strive daily to ensure that our mushrooms, always reach the costumers under ideal conditions, allowing you to enjoy the excellence of the flavors we produce. We always strive to stimulate a healthy lifestyle by supporting projects ranging from the sports, to gastronomy and food reeducation.

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Elocom en Expopack 2010 de México

Elocom en Expopack.

As usual, ELOCOM, S.L.. will be present as an exhibitor at the upcoming EXPOPACK 2,010 to cvelebrar from 22 to 25 June in Mexico City. it is the biggest event in the packaging industry held throughout Latin America and ELOCOM long tradition as an exhibitor (8 fairs has been exhibiting uninterruptedly). At present, and with a steady increase, the Mexican market has become a major for the enterprise; in it, the last orders obtained are especially sectors feed animal feed (balanced), mining and contsrucción products, sugar, etc …

Elocom en expopack México

EXPOPACK leader in packaging industry trade show in Mexico is currently organized alternately between Mexico DF and Guadalajara.

Specific solutions for leading industries in EXPO PACK Mexico:

  • Solutions for Food Processing and Beverage: The latest developments in technology and equipment for THE processing supply chain and packaging and materials to preserve freshness, reduce waste and improve the brands.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions: Innovative technology to protect products, technologies to provide accurate dosing, tracking and tracing as well as packaging and materials that preserve sterility, and protect and extend the shelf life of the product.
  • Solutions for Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry: machinery, equipment, design packaging, labeling solutions and packaging and materials that maintain product quality, reduce waste and strengthen the brand.

Packaging and Materials: innovative containers and materials designed to help differentiate product lines, and reinforce or reinvent brands.


933 exhibitors from 26 countries

11 international pavilions from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, China, Spain, United States France, Guatemala, India and Italy.

Specialized pavilions: Processes, Innovation / Star  Packaging

101 exhibitors participated in the EXPO PACK Green program

19,000 net square meters (204,500 square feet) of exhibition

25.097 qualified buyers

The mexican visitors are leading packaging and processing professionals from all over the the country.

International attendees came from 43 countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Peru and Venezuela, among others.

Visitors to the 2015 edition in companies are related to companies in the following sectors:

  • 48% Food, Bakery, Confectionery
  • 10% Beverages
  • 8% Personal Care / Cosmetics / Personal Care
  • 8% Chemical / Home
  • 7% Pharmaceutical / Medical
  • 33% Other products

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