Bagging installations from paper reel for wood pellets.


The first bagging installations line from paper reel for wood pellets in Spain has been recently put in operation.

The advantage of working either with paper or PE reels is positively welcomed in the biomass sector.

The increase of the so-called”ecological package “that allows for 100% paper bag recycling offers a commercial versatility highly appreciated among the customers…

Complete paper line in operation.

Bagging installations from paper reel for wood pellets
Bagging installations from paper reel for wood pellets

Besides the first production line in Ribpellet shown in the video, other customers like Infinit (Barcelona) and Maderas Campo (Jaen) have already confirmed to ELOCOM their purchase of the versatile reel bagger PE/Paper.

The automatic packing innovation is of a very high magnitude because until now these materials were used only in the food sector and in small sizes.

When customizing the materials to different products, the
material is studied to meet different requirements; when it
comes to mining product s, the basic requirement is the high
resistance of the bag. In this case the paper coil packing
includes a larger amount of biopolymers in order to have a
recyclable and biodegradable product . In biomass, the
highest content of paper is essential.

In industries working with micronized powder products, the
great advantage of this packing system is that it prevents the
emission of high amounts of dust occurring in the traditional
valve packing. It also provides bigger savings in aspiration
costs. Furthermore, the high cost of valve bags that in many
cases require an inner polyethylene film, means that
switching to a FFS with paper roll very are quickly profitable.

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Bagging machine – Expoquimia 2014

Expoquimia logoBagging machine

From the 30th September til the 3rd October 2014, ELOCOM S.L will be present at the Expoquimia 2014 Exhibition. With a new Bagging Machine.

Find us at Palacio P2, nivel 0, calle D stand 144.

Bagging machine

The bagging machine exhibited will show the evolution of our FFS equipments in powder products.

Bagging machine CV4025 with double weigher and screws at 1.200 bags/hour in 25 kg pre-mixed cement.

This machine carries a densifying system that ascertains the product compaction within the bag.

Furthermore ELOCOM will highlight its:

Brand new EP bagging machine for specific sector, pharmaceutical, GMP design, ATEX, stainless steel etc…

High capacity EP1500 for Polypropylene bags and granule products at 2.000 bags/hour.

Full automatic Big Bag fillers with automatic robot feeding system.

You could also appreciate the evolution of our different automatic palletizing systems…

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Packaging for fried. La Costeña group in Mexico.

Packaging for fried.

Logo La Costeña

After over 10 years using an ELOCOM FFS bagger for snacks in big formats, FRITOS TOTIS decided to purchase a new bagger for increasing its production.

Indeed, with the incorporation of the company to GRUPO LA COSTEÑA, a leader in Mexico in the food sector, the implementation of standards of quality levels has been raised.

Today, FRITOS TOTIS owns over a hundred flat reel automatic baggers working in parallel ranging from local baggers with outputs of 100 bags/hour to the state of the art and high speed baggers existing in the world market.

The supply consists of a new bagger mod. CV-4125 with a belt weighing unit.packing fried

The difficulty lies in the fact that for a volume of 100l the weight of the bag does not exceed 3 kg.

This bagger capacity is 600 bags/hour (for this product) for a total output of 1000 bags/hour with production lines running 24/7.


The specifity of the Mexican market entails that this sort of
products that are usually sold in small packages worldwide,
may be packed in «Macrobags» that are in great demand in
the country.
ELOCOM automatic packaging machines allow full automation
of this process from a coil, thus enabling process that
otherwise might raise hygiene concerns.
The vast Mexican food industry, acknowledges the proven
quality of ELOCOM, time – tested throughout the entire
business development.
While Mexico is one of the major markets in the Americas, it
is also one of the most diversified ones for ELOCOM, who has
a very strong presence in chemical and mining industry, in
addition to the references in the food industry.

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