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ELOCOM, S.L. is recognised as a machinery manufacturer who stands out against the competition because of its efficient technical assistance.
Within the Group, ELOCOM MONTAJES, S.L. takes care of all the technical after-sales jobs. Its staff comprises one manager and seven technicians (based in Irun and Seville). They are highly-trained in electronics, electricity, mechanics…
These are the major functions of ELOCOM MONTAJES :
  • FITTING AND COMMISSIONING the equipment at the Customer’s plant.
  • ON-SITE ASSISTANCE: Five mobile teams are constantly on the move to solve incidents occurring at the Customer’s plant within the shortest possible time.
  • CUSTOMER TELESERVICE (tel: 943.635342): Remote assistance is given by in-house skilled technicians who have access to the Customer-specific technical documentation.
  • SUPPLYING SPARE PARTS: From the spare parts store in Irun, we dispatch 90% of the spare parts by urgent transport and in no more than 24 hours.
  • MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS: Customised preventive maintenance contracts and schedules (including a round-the-clock assistance option).

Customer Service

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